Pousadela Village, Lda is a tourist village situated next to Peneda-Gerês National Park, with a breathtaking view over the Cávado river reservoir, where you can enjoy the calm and serenity of the surrounding nature.

The privileged location results in a greater concern for environmental sustainability, aiming at minimizing the environmental impacts associated with its activities, fostering environmental protection, pollution prevention, biodiversity protection and sustainable use of resources.
The Environmental Management System, based on the standard NP EN ISO 14001: 2015, implemented in Pousadela Village, Lda aims to:

  • Comply with environment-related compliance obligations;
  • Manage environmental risks and impacts to mitigate them, if possible, in normal situations, emergency, accident or catastrophe;
  • Apply proper management of waste generated, minimizing their production and giving them the appropriate final destination;
  • Work with our suppliers to look for sustainable working methods;
  • Managing energy and water consumption, essentially those from non-renewable sources;
  • Ensure the continuous training of employees, encouraging accountability, teamwork and awareness of environmental issues;
  • Continuously improve the Environmental Management System by setting goals and objectives and evaluating its performance and compliance.

In view of this Environmental Policy, the responsibility for its implementation is attributed to all employees of Pousadela Village, Lda, with the support of the Administration and the commitment of all.


Environmental Management System

Set in an area of high natural density, Pousadela Village feels an increased responsibility to comply with the Environmental Management System in all services provided to its customers. Since the daily operation of Pousadela Village has direct environmental implications on energy, carbon emissions, material consumption, waste generation, water consumption, among others, we feel a high concern, not only with our community (customers, employees, general public, suppliers, among others), but also with the fauna and flora that surrounds us. That said, we have implemented a process of continuous improvement that is done through ongoing awareness raising of our guests, training of our employees and dissemination of our policy to the other stackeholders.

Measures we adopt to:

Reduced energy consumption

LED lightning: With this measure we have been able to considerably reduce electricity consumption.


Indicator light for switching off exterior lights: This prevents the exterior lights from becoming unnecessarily switched on.

Heat pump climate control: Powered by 80% of energy extracted from the air and 20% of electricity.

Solar thermal panels: This allows us to have water heated throughout the main building through renewable energy.

Laundry without dry cleaning: This considerably reduces energy consumption as all towels, sheets or other textiles, after washing, are naturally dried and without use of organic solvents.

Reduction of water consumption and reuse

Timed Taps: The village has timed taps to minimize water waste as much as possible.

Water from spring: We make use of water from a properly controlled spring for irrigation, swimming pools, etc.

WWTP: We have a WWTP to treat wastewater from the entire village in compliance with applicable legislation.

Pollution reduction and fauna and flora preservation

Electric vehicles: We opted for preferentially electric vehicles in order to reduce the emission of gases.

No herbicides: For the treatment of our gardens we do not use herbicides so as not to pollute the soil.

Reforestation with native plants: All our gardens, as well as the surrounding reforestation that we made, have plants originating from the Serra do Gerês, in order to preserve the fauna and flora originating from our surroundings, as well as the landscape.

Recycling and Reuse

We separate waste: We separate all waste – both industrial and domestic – so that it can be disposed of properly.

Routing of cooking oil: All used cooking oil from the restaurant and guest breakfasts is routed to a properly licensed waste management operator to give it the proper end – energy use.

With the growing concern about environmental policies and the growing need to preserve our planet, we feel that it is with these small gestures on the part of all that we will help to take care of your “health”.